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Pico Island Azores
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The Abegoaria is located in Pico Island, in the town of São Roque, precisely in the village of Prainha.


Pico is the second largest island in the Azorean archipelago (448Km2 surface), although its population is approximately 15.000 inhabitants.

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The mountain, whose peek reaches the highest point in Portugal ( 2351m) offers its name to the island (Pico - pinnacle). It is widely visited by tourists who climb to the top and become enchanted by the magnificent view over the Central group and the Island itself.

It also has a vast architectonic patrimony (churches and hermitages) and endless sightseeing spots from where you can see the islans of Faial, S. Jorge, Terceira and Graciosa.

We must also draw attention to the Vineyard Landscape of Pico Island, the Human Patrimony of the World, where you can see the stone vineyard enclosures (thin walls incredibly raised stone by stone to protect the Vineyards) and observe the traditions and techniques that set the origin of the vineyard culture.

The Ocean which surrounds the Island is also a route for whales, turtles and dolphins, which can be seen throughout the entire year (whale watching) and leave unforgettable memories in those who have the privilege of contacting with these animals.

Whale Watching Pico Azores

This Island offers innumerable possibilities for making your time worthwhile:

  • Scuba diving
  • Underwater hunt
  • Pedestrian walks
  • Off-road bicycle rides
  • Visits to Faial and São Jorge
  • Bird, whale and dolphin watching
  • Local festivities
  • Excellent gastronomy

Adventure Tourism in Pico Island, Azores

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A Abegoaria


Road access is fairly good and there is a Bus Stop at approximately 800meters. There are some supply points, providing bread and other goods. The nearest Medical Care Service is located in the Council centre, at Medical and Health Centre, 12 km from Abegoaria.

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